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"The people working the weaving machines in the 17th century didn't see the steam engine coming. One invention--Industrial Revolution. Encyclopedia Britannica didn't see Wikipedia coming. Great things don't happen in tiny increments. They happen when someone thinks completely different." 
- Philip Gallagher

After winning the Subsystem Safety Technical Excellence Award at Design Weekend, and at Competition I placing #6 in the world / #4 in the US, we are hungry to build the best vehicle and compete at the highest level.

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You have chosen the path of Mechanical and Manufacturing! A mystifying world of computational fluid dynamics, chassis design, and finite element analysis. Be warned - they work at trans-sonic velocities. Magnets, magnets and more magnets. Creators of th

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, walk us quickly through how you would design an assembly/part? What are the key phases? *

What are the factors that can affect “Factor of Safety” selection? *

List some design uncertainties that have an effect on stress and strength? *

Do you have any manufacturing/machine shop experience? If so, what tools have you used and what did you build/work on? If not, explain what you currently know! *

Do you have any composites experience? If so, what tools have you used and what did you build/worked on? If not, explain what you currently know! *

You have chosen the path of Electronics and Software! The dark druids of control systems, data telemetry, sensors, control modules, embedded software, and life support. As long as you're nice they won't purge your existence. A closed cult for those who

You're given a primary and a secondary battery that need to be switched in the event of a fault, without interrupt to the systems they are running. Describe how you would do this. *

Do you have experience with Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs)? If yes, briefly explain the high level use. If not, explain what you currently know! *

Are you familiar with energy storage in Lithium Ion battery systems? If so, what are the primary concerns with this kind of system and how are they mitigated? If not, explain what you currently know! *

Do you have experience controlling basic I/O through a real time operating system? If yes, briefly explain. If no, explain what you currently know! *

Do you have experience implementing analog sensors (e.g. proximity sensors, optical sensors)? If yes, briefly explain. If no, explain what you currently know! *

Please describe a project you have completed using C or Python programming. Include a general project description and the design process you implemented to complete the project. If you have completed multiple projects pick your favorite one! *

You have chosen the path of Business Management & Public Relations!The unparalleled masters of presentation, business outreach, financial analysis, marketing, and graphic design. You not only make us look good, but also keep the machine running!Each of ou

How would you build up project plan to determine the shortest possible duration to complete the project? *

The Hyperloop concept is a creating a new industry , what would you consider to develop a strategy to acquire market share and sustain profits in this new industry? Be brief. *

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